• Multi Pack - Package includes: 3 decals, 1 glue stick 
  • ADD Me Ons are changing the way kids, teens and adults alike express themselves in today's world of pop culture.

Mermaid-005-VALUE PACK

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    SUPER EASY TO APPLY - With the combination of a unique blend of polyester fabric, and a washable glue stick, never before has there been an easier way to customize virtually anything.

    SAFETY - The Ink used and the glue stick supplied are both Non-Toxic and Acid free. No more need for Irons and scissors with Iron-on patches and heat transfers.

    BONUS GLUE STICK - Get one glue stick with every package. The best glue stick for the purposes of this product has been selected for you.

    GENEROUS SIZING - The Large decal is roughly 5" x 5" and the smaller sized decals are 4" x 4", 3" x 5", 3" x 4" 2" x 5", 2" x 4" makes this product suitable for kids, teens and adults allowing room for growth. You can overlap them for smaller areas, or spread the across larger areas.

    SUPER EASY TO REMOVE - For clothing, simply toss your load into a washer and dryer with normal settings. The glue washes off in the washer, the decals dry in the dryer, ready to be used again. For other items, generously wet a hand towel, press onto the decals, peel away the decals, wipe away any excess glue on the surface and allow the decals to dry. Create something new every time.

    HIGH QUALITY AND DURABILITY - Because the decals are printed with a unique printing process coupled with the special blend of polyester fabric, this combination of materials provides you with long lasting re usability.

    WASHABLE AND REUSABLE - Unlike our competitors, lint buildup is a thing of the past. This product is not a sticker or delicate embroidery. They do not collect lint as it washes away with the glue therefore, you get an infinite amount of uses rather than 3-4 due to lint buildup. These are intended to get wet where as other similar products instantly become ruined.

    INSPIRE CREATIVITY - The trendy, pop culture design is gender neutral. Collect them all to mix and match and create unique one-of-a-kind items.

    BUY NOW - Create something new with ADD Me On's washable and reusable glue-on fabric decals. For yourself or as a gift. Either way these will inspire creativity in anyone with our fun and exciting emoji's.

    ADD Me On's, Washable and Reusable Glue-on Fabric Decals with a Special Glue Stick Decorate Application, 3 Pack Delicate  Patches, Emoji Patches, Custom Patches for Men, Women, Boys, Girls, Kids, Super Cute! Glue Stick Included.

    Glue-on Washable and Reusable Polyester Fabric Patches, 3 Pieces, Vibrant Colors, Trendy Graphics. Includes 1 Washable, Non-Toxic, Acid Free, Glue Stick.  Perfect for Gluing onto Virtually Any Surface, Create Something New Every Time!

    Arts, Crafts, Crafts & Sewing, Sewing, Trim & Embellishments, Decorate, Appliques, Appliques & Decorative Patches, Decorative Patches.

    Sizes/Dimensions: Large Decal - 5" x5", 4" x 5", Medium Decals - 4" x 5", 4" x 4", 3" x 5", 3" x 4", 2" x 5", 2" x 4" ( Sizes are an estimate. Due to the fact that the Fabric Decals are designed and created based on the Graphical Image Itself. Because ADD Me On's can be applied to any and virtually all logos and images, only a general sizing area as stated above can be applied But vary based on a logo and or graphic image basis. )

    Is the product California Proposition 65 approved? Decals - Yes, Glue Stick - Yes

    WASHABLE AND REUSABLE FABRIC DECALS: Our Decals are the first ever glue-on washable and reusable decals in the market. We are changing the way kids, teens and adults alike express themselves in today's world of pop culture. With the combination of a specialized fabric, state of the art, industry leading methods of manufacturing, and finally a special glue stick, never before has there been such an easy way to customize virtually anything! Product Description: 0.05 oz. GLUE-ON

    The Glue-On Decals achieve amazing results on clothing, tshirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies, tank tops, spaghetti straps, swoop necks, pants, shorts, backpacks, lunch boxes, accessories, hats, beanies, scarfs, folders, notebooks, furniture, dressers, nightstands, closets, lamps, lampshades, mirrors, car interiors, seats, car seats, doors, car doors, dashboards, car windows, head rests, windows, pillows, blankets, sheets, It also works well on surfaces like plastic, glass, fabric, chrome, and surfaces like marble, stone, granite, Corina, linoleum, vinyl, and tile.

    The Glue Stick and Fabric Decals are non-toxic. Recyclable.

    DIRECTIONS: Easy to use. Simply use the glue stick to apply the glue evenly to the back of your decals. Press and rub the decals firmly on the desired area. Allow at least 2 to 5 minutes to dry.


    REMOVAL: To remove from items such as clothing, place the load in the washer as normal. Then, place the load into the dryer as normal. The decals will be dry and ready to be used again. If you glue the decals to other items or surfaces, to remove generously wet a hand towel ( much less water when removing from electronic devices ). Press onto the decals. Peel away the decals. Wipe away any excess glue on the surface. Let the decals dry to use again.

    Package Dimensions" 5" x 7"
    Shipping Weight: 0.32 oz

    KEY PRODUCT FEATURES: 3 pieces high quality decorate patch, exquisitely printed , refer to the picture for details. (Can be sewn on) Each package include 1 washable glue stick.
    Detailed sublimation print with exquisite and bright-colored outlook. Refresh your clothing, accessories, furniture car interiors and more.
    Glue-on patches are a great way to express your individuality - and they're also useful for hiding damaged or torn spots on your clothes and accessories.

    Warnings: Be very careful with small parts, since applying the glue stick is necessary for glue-on, glue sticks have small parts for a choking hazard. 
    Money-back Guarantee. We are so confident in our products that we offer a 30-day replacement or money-back guarantee. Feel free to contact our friendly customer service if any problems

    Legal Disclaimers: All graphics are purchased via licensing agreements made by the graphic designers themselves and or through third party companies in which supply the graphics. The glue sticks are conformed to the ASTM D-4236. Which are non-toxic and acid free.

    Cpsia Warning: Product Packages and the glue sticks are labeled: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts - Not for children under 3 years. 

    Use - Updated seller tools to apply these cautionary statements on their detail pages and which values apply to each of those products.