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Why do we LOVE Unicorns? 🦄

One reason why kids love unicorns is their association with fantasy and wonder. Unicorns are not found in the real world, but rather in the realm of imagination. This allows children to let their minds wander and dream about the possibilities of a world filled with magical creatures.

Another reason why kids love unicorns is their connection to innocence and purity. Unicorns are often depicted as gentle and kind creatures, and their pure white appearance adds to this association. Children can relate to the unicorn's pure and innocent nature, and they can find comfort in the idea that the world is not always a harsh and cruel place.

Unicorns also have a strong appeal to children's sense of adventure. They are often depicted as wild and free creatures, galloping through enchanted forests and across mystical landscapes. This sense of adventure and freedom is something that many children can relate to and find inspiring.

In conclusion, kids love unicorns because they are associated with fantasy, wonder, innocence, purity, and adventure. These qualities tap into children's imagination and sense of wonder, making unicorns a beloved subject in children's literature and media.

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