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Kids stuck at home?

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Kids getting restless? Bored? Need something new and fun to do?

Look no further! Order now while supplies last for a new and exciting activity for kids and adults alike!

The Past

Remember iron-on heat transfers? Remember how you had to but special paper, print out a design on it, cut it our by hand, then iron it on for your kids only to have it ruined after 1 wash? Well we designed ADD Me On's customizable fabric decals for just that! To make it easier and, most importantly SAFER for kids to design their items!

The difference?

We have researched and tested everything from fabric material, glue sticks, to user experience. Which has resulted in a truly remarkable product that is changing the game in this antiquated product market. Our fabric that is designed to last a long time with specially printed ink to never fade! Coupled with a very strong and very washable glue stick in EVERY PACK!


The glue is so strong that once it has dried, it cannot be ripped off! It must be washed off! It is also safe for ANY SURFACE! It will not stain or damage anything! Plus, the more glue you use, the stronger the bond!

Also Permanent?

For those of you who absolutely fall in love with what you created by mixing and matching our decals on to any item you desire and want it to last forever, you can either get a permanent glue stick from your local craft store, or you can sew the edges of the decals to your item!


Never before has there been such a unique and versatile product for self expression!

Move over iron-on heat transfers! ADD Me Ons customizable fabric decals no NOT need heat from an iron! We are safer for kids to create with.

Move over stickers! We are NOT made of paper! We do not break when removing, we do not leave residue! We are reusable unlike stickers!

Move over embroidered patches. We are thinner and more comfortable to wear! Again, we also do not require heat. Move over reusable patches out there, WE ARE WASHABLE! Yours lose your sticky adhesive when touched by water and become useless forever! We are designed to take on water and be reused. They are a hassle to remember to remove them before clothing is tossed in the laundry bin.. Plus, even if you dont come in contact with water, you are only reusable a hand full of times. They collect lint and are no longer sticky. We always get lint washed off!

What will you create?

- ADD Me Ons Team

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