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Decorating backpacks!

Is the glue strong?

Yes, as long as you generously and evenly spread out the glue across the back of your decal, press and hold firmly and finally let them dry for 2 - 5 minutes. The bond will be strong.

Sizing details

The area is large, How do I cover the exposed area? Answer: You can glue on several patches together to cover the hole by overlapping some of them to attach them together and cover more area.

In our multi-packs, The largest decals is designed in a 5"x5" area. Because our decals come in all kinds of shapes, that can change the sizing by a bit. Our medium decals are designed in a 4"x4" area and the smallest decals are designed in a 3"x3" area.

Custom and personalized orders

We will be adding a custom listing feature soon. You can send us your photo, image art work etc and we will turn it into a reusable fabric decal!

Apply Instructions

Step 1: Use the glue stick to apply evenly and generously to the back of your decal. Step 2: Press and hold your decal in the desired position ( You can peel off and re-position quickly ). Do this on a hard flat surface. Step 3: Allow at least 2 - 5 minuets to dry.

Removal Instructions ( For clothing )

Step 1: Place clothing in the washer as normal. The glue will COMPLETELY dissolve leaving no residue and no stains. ( You can peel off your decal however this is not recommended ) Step 2: Place clothing and decals into the dryer as normal. The decal is made of fabric and will dry just like clothing.

Step 3: Remove and they are ready to be used again. Create something new every time by adding new decals, by applying them to new items like mirrors, pillows, blankets, car seats, furniture and more!

Removal Instructions ( Any other items )

Step 1: Generously wet a hand towel. Step 2: Press towel onto your decal. ( Be extra careful with electronics, though not recommenced you can apply these to electronics. Use significantly less water in this case, or peel away the decal first and then wipe away any access glue left on the surface ) Step 3: Peel away your decal. Step 4: Wipe away any excess glue. Step 5: Let the decal dry to be ready to use again.

Wholesale availability

We do sell bulk orders inquire within for pricing details.

Do they work on fleece?

Answer: If you choose to sew them on you could put them on fleece. I wouldn’t recommend gluing them on fleece.

Do they work on weather proof items?

They do, but it takes extra amount of glue and a longer time to dry. Not recommended.


Each pack comes with 1 special washable glue stick that we researched and hand picked to be the best glue stick for the best results!

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