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ADD Me On's - Customizable Fabric Decals


We are changing the way kids, teens and adults alike express themselves in today's world of pop culture.

With the combination of a specialized fabric, state of the art, industry leading methods of manufacturing and a very special hand-picked glue stick, never before has there been such an easy way to customize virtually anything. 

Since ADD Me On's reusable decals allows the consumer to apply the adhesive, this creates the unique ability to reuse the decals infinitely. 

This means no more heat from ironing. Iron-on heat transfers are a thing of the past! Kids and adults alike don't have to worry!

Because of our unique glue stick and special fabric, ADD Me On's are washable, removable and reusable! 

Our products are not sticker, does not collect lint and become useless after 3 to 4 uses like our competitors. The lint will wash off with the glue, the decals will dry and be ready for the consumer to re-apply the glue and decorate something new.

The re-usable fabric decals wont tear and feature designs and themes to fit every age group.

Get bored? No problem, re-glue them to something else. Create something new by decorating anything with ADD Me On's reusable fabric decals!

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